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Here are 5 great ways to participate in this initiative.

  • Sign up to receive the latest updates to stay informed and to pray.
  • Set up a monthly financial gift (every euro helps). Make a special financial gift. You may be able to benefit from a tax deduction
  • Help find grants, companies and individuals who will sponsor this initiative
  • Donate activity and sports equipment, products, and tickets to events/attractions, for mentors with their youth. Share special skills in a Master class for mentors and youth
Decent quality used mountain bikes
We invite people to help out either by donating a decent quality used mountain bike that we can fix if needed or to make a donation towards purchase and repair. This would be a huge help as a resource for ministry available for mentors with their groups to use. We can lead them in the area on a great adventure.
Plastic boats and rafts
We are looking for plastic boats and rafts in good condition. This can include canoes, kayaks, rubber rafts, SUP, or other boats for river and lake adventures.
  • Volunteer to be support staff at events, work at ministry base, help in developing promotions and communications material, provide transportation for small groups and equipment

To support the Your Time / Their Future initiative please contact us by phone, text or email. We would love to hear from you.

Mobile: +371 20260605

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