Become a mentor for a teenager

Practical steps to becoming a successful TLVN mentor

  • Join the monthly TVLN mentors meeting to begin your journey
  • Seek God’s leading and pray for your future mentee or group of mentees. Invite your church and the TLVN team to pray with you, and complete the TLVN mentor application to become a member.
  • Invite a small group of up to 4 potential mentees to a connecting camp or event
  • Following the connecting camp or event, give each young person the opportunity to enter into a mentoring relationship over the school year (with the permission of their parent or legal guardian)
  • Attend monthly TLVN mentors meetings and special events for encouragement and training as you meet weekly or bi monthly with your mentees.
  • Develop a specific goal and steps for the school year in each relationship. Allow that to be shaped as you listen to God, to the mentee, and gain experience over the year.
  • Make use of the all the great resources TLVN offers to members.

If you are already a mentor or part of a church or organization with a different approach you are still welcome to become a TLVN member and benefit from the encouragement, training and other resources. You will also be a blessing to other mentors as you share from your own experience along the way!

All mentors must be accountable to their local church and have the recommendation from their Pastor and additional church leader to complete the TLVN membership process. The mentors primary accountability is to God, the mentee including their parents/guardians and the mentors local church.

Don’t be afraid to take the first steps.
We are with you all the way.

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