Christian Mentoring
For Teenagers

Your Time — Their Future!

Take the time to get to know youth in order to help him/her find Christ and live life that designed for.

What is Mentoring

In the TLVN initiative, mentoring means to take the time to get to know youth in a small group and individual context, to help them learn from the mentors life and experience, to make good choices and develop healthy habits in their own life


As the relationship deepens over a school year, the mentee will see how the mentors faith guides their life choices and how healthy choices lead to positive results in life.

The mentor will also offer the opportunity for the mentee to explore Christian community in the context of their local church (acceptance, value, love, respect, listen, forgive).

Being a mentor practically becoming an older friend, a good example, an encouragement in order to help him/ her find Christ and live life that designed for.

It takes love, acceptance and commitment to 1-4 teenagers to walk with him\her weekly for at least one year.

To be a mentor means you spend quality time with teenager.

Mentoring is a process of:

1. Fellowship

time spent together — mentor regularly meets with teenager(s).

2. Conversations

listening to teenager; know person better and tell about yourself

3. Helping

help to accomplish school tasks or other works.

4. Counseling

mentor gives advices and explain them.

5. Teaching

teaching new skills or explaining things

6. Motivation

mentor motivates and inspires teenager to set own goals and achieve them

7. Building a character

it happens when mentee makes decisions and keeps them.

8. Encouragement

mentor supports good efforts and diligence of a teenager.

9. Valuing

demonstrating unconditional love and respect

10. Leading to Christ

helping to build relationships with God.

Why It Is Important To Have A Mentor

Many young people spend most of their time learning from peers who are in the same struggles and are also seeking answers. They do not yet have the benefit of looking back over the results of their actions from a distance, with a different perspective the way that an adult can.

Many of youths destructive choices and habits could be avoided before they hurt themselves and others, if advice can be received from a wise and trusted person who values them and knows the dangers.

We all need advice and encouragement from someone we trust, who has walked the path ahead of us

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